Safe and reliable transportation in luxury cars over longer distances.

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We are providing professional taxi services to demanding customers

Car Fleet Prices

Car Fleet

  • only exclusive cars not older than 6 years.
  • 3x Mercedes-Benz E-Class,
  • 1x Peugeot Traveller (7+1).


  • Our drivers are skilled professionals.
  • Standardized dresscode.
  • Beverages served free of charge.

Methods of payment

  • We accept credit cards.
  • Cash payments (CZK, EUR, USD).
  • Invoice payment option.

Services provided free of charge

  • Wi-Fi, 12 - 230 V output.
  • Refreshment (water, Coca-Cola, whiskey, beer).
  • Child car-seat.

Car Fleet

3x Mercedes-Benz E-Class | 1x Peugeot Traveller (7+1)

Sample prices

Transportation in luxury cars over longer distances from 14 CZK/km

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Sample prices

Ostrava Mošnov - Olomouc
1.400 CZK
Ostrava Mošnov - Katowice
2.200 CZK
Ostrava Mošnov - Brno
2.200 CZK
Ostrava Mošnov - Krakow
3.000 CZK
Ostrava Mošnov - Vídeň
4.300 CZK
Ostrava Mošnov - Praha
5.400 CZK

Jízdy v rámci ČR + 21% DPH. Jízdy mimo ČR osvobozeny od DPH dle zákona.